Tourist Information

Want to escape Amsterdam and visit Volendam, Marken and Monnickendam? The colourful small harbours of the Netherlands? Try going there by bus. It's easy and great fun!

Head out into the Dutch countryside on one of Holland’s loveliest bus routes. In just minutes, you’ll find yourself riding along century-old dikes, eating pancakes in tiny villages and boating past the homes of  the 17th century rich and famous. We’ve mapped out a few inspiring tours – but feel free to create your own local experience!

Information about bus times and bus routes

Check our English website localbus for all information about buses, bus times, bus stops and routes. Or click here for the departure times.

Where can I buy bus tickets?

Amsterdam CS: coming from the city center, walk all the way through the Central station past track 14/15 into the hallway at the rear side. There you find at the bottom of the escalator the Public Transport Ticket shop. Buy your (bus) ticket in the shop.

Or buy your bus tickets online >>

Where can I find the EBS buses to Volendam, Marken, Edam and Monnickendam?

Amsterdam CS: With exception of the bus to Marken, all busstops are at  the rear of Amsterdam Central Station (at the back of the station please follow the staires for the EBS busses  314 and 316). The bus to Marken, EBS bus 315, will depart from the Metro Noord, which can be reached via Metroline 52 (Noord).